Monday, November 29, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa:

Last week My Grandparents flew in from Arizona. They had an Okay flight and got here safely, thank the Lord. And a few days later, Joel flew in! He met them for the first time! They say they like him, and I most definately have to agree haha!

When Grandma came, she brought some dolls she made for us, with her. I was bored- or should I say: my mind was "un-enthusiastic" so I decided to set up my own "photo studio" for a good 30 Minutes and took  pics of all three dolls in the house, there are others at my aunts' house.

I Messed around with the Photos on "paint" to add a little "jazz" to the Pic
 After that I loaded all the pictures into the computer and "messed" with them on "Paint".
That's one of them, tell me what you think?[I'm still experimenting]
Now Joel is going home tomorrow... IF his plane doesn't get postponed like I'm praying for it. But it's all in God's hands.

That's all for now... Next post I'll write about Arkansas!!

P.S. Does anybody know how to make a website???

Monday, November 8, 2010

Packing For a Trip

Since I'm packing for a week-long trip to Arkansas and Texas, I just thought I'd show everyone how to pack with the upmost efficiancy. So here it goes:

First off a few days in advance one must make a list of everything going with you on the trip. I say a "few days" because then one may look at the list and consider what one's packing and if one actually needs to bring that special thing, or if it can be left behind. here's an example of my list:
When it comes to a day or two before, you may start packing and checking things off the list. When packing the suitcase for your trip, you want to roll you clothes together. I roll only about 5 t-shirts together, and 3 skirts at a time. The more rolled together the bulkier it is. Also another thing is if you have a skirt or shirt you don't want to have wrinkled, put it on the outer most part of the roll... to do this you stack your shirts/ skirts folded in half. What you want to have the un-wrinkled on the bottom of this "stack" you roll skirts from the waist down to the bottom, and shirts from the neckline down... When put into the suitcase it should look like this:
You can use socks to fill in spaces. In the Zipper pocket one might put personal items that are absolutely necessary. I won't say what.

Now, for packing the carry on (if you're going on a plane) you should also make a list for this too. There are no real tips for the carry on except make sure you have an extra outfit in your carry on in case the airlines lose your luggage. And make sure any liquids or gelss are put in a quart sized bag and are under 3.4 oz. (or whatever that airline says, it may vary) and that's pretty much it:

Now a question for you:
What is the most memorable trip you went on?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Started Blogging ^_^

So this after noon, with help from an amazing friend, I, Virginia, am starting a blog. Wow, never thought that would happen. Whomever may read this blog: it will contain many random things... It may vary from wedding plans all the way down to hair and forward on to opinions. If you're looking for a blog with a set topic: this isn't it.

This is a picture of Joel and I, we got engaged on September 10 of 2010. (Just thought you might want to know ^_^)