Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bump

So I know I haven't been on here for awhile, I thought everyone might like an update... I have 2 weeks left *gasp!* I know right!! Little Jason is almost here and you haven't heard from me, you haven't seen any of his furniture or anything! Well this post is going to change all that :)

Sorry if the photo quality isn't the greatest.... but this is me and my Daaahh-ling husband (like my southern drawl?) just this sunday before church.

You can really see my belly in this one... it's at 36 weeks along... obviously I am HUGE!!!
Here is Jason's crib put together by my sweet husband! :)

And here is our baby's dresser... and yes that is the color of the carpet and no we cannot change it without our landlord's permission, and he won't do it... So Joel and I made the theme for this room "Farm/ Farmall tractors" and I want cows... lots of them.

And my sister-in-law Grace let me and a friend take some pictures during our family vacation... and she edited this one we took in the car :) my belly at 26 weeks....

So that's mainly it for now, just a quick little update. If you're wanting me to post about certain things about pregnanc just send me a little email, I'll either make a post about it (Sure, I can keep you anonomous [that isn't how you spell it is it? oh well, pregnancy brain does exsist]) or I'll reply to you!

Lots of love, and God's blessings!