Friday, December 20, 2013

Pinterest Project #2

This one is a big one. It's a Christmas gift for my new niece, Melody. I made her a little quilt block I had pinned, Just following the pattern...I call it a "cuddle quilt" size. no batting, Just the quilt top with a minky back, kinda cute if I do say so myself.

I also made her a little bear out of coordinating fabrics. These were at hobby lobby in a mini "jelly roll" and "fat quarter" package. I hope she'll become attached to them as she grows up... For curiostity's sake: what were you "attached" to growing up? and are you still, if not when did you give it up. I was attached to my "blankey" I kind of weaned myself off of it when I was 12, but if I went through a break up or rough time I would bring it out of my closet and cuddle it. I still have it, in our bedroom... I just can't get rid of it!!!

I also did minimal Christmas decorating since we are going out of state this year.Which I can't find the pin so here's a picture.