Saturday, February 14, 2015

Growing Up

My son is growing up, and in a way, so am I.  He's two and it's hard keeping up with him: he knows his colors, and he comprehends a lot more than I can ever keep up with, he knows how to count up to 5 by himself and 10 with assistance. He recognises a few letters. And he knows a few words in French. But with all this growing he's doing, he's trying to express his independence, and he's very sensitive. He cries at the end of Mickey Mouse Road Rally because there's a sad sounding song at the end. (As of now he isn't allowed to watch it) and sad songs. He's independent in trying to do things without me and trying to be a "boss" of his cousin Lainey.

With all of this, he's not the only one learning. I'm learning. How to teach him, how to keep up with his thought processes, how to... potty train? Yeah, wasn't ready for that one. Yet, it happened. All of this happened. And I'm not ready for him to stop being my baby. He'll always be my baby. But he doesn't need holding all the time, and he doesn't like hugs (because it requires holding) and I'm growing up with him. Learning to let him go and moving forward with him.