Monday, January 31, 2011

Wondering... *gasp!* now THAT'S dangerous... especially for me :D

I'm totally wondering, should I give my blog a makeover? have a new set-up and new template design? I'm just in the mood for some change. Just wondering if everyone would kind of tell me if they like the change idea or not.

Some thoughts I had were, somehow changing the name maybe, make it more apliable to me... I don't even know if that's a possibility... Also, I would like to somehow make the template look more "open" if that's even possible too.... Just Please let me know what you think... cuz I know what I'm thinking and I'd like to know if "ya'll" would let me know what you think :) sorry I'm a bit crazy right now ^_^

By the way, this picture is of a sunrise behind my house... I love the colors... and pay no attention to the date.... it's wrong :P

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart

Ok, if anyone gets sick of the book things, just let me know! I'm just trying to bring to light some book that don't get alot of light! Haha! Anyway: Homespun Bride.

A really sweet story, it has all of the essentials for a good book, in my opinion. It has love, drama, God, and a sense of adventure... It does have a little heartbreak, but that's life, and this book sticks pretty close to the "this-is-how-life-is-so-just-deal-with-it-and-keep-reading-it-might-get-better" kind of book.

Noelle is a blind woman, who has suffered heartbreak more than once in her life. And she's determined to make sure she protects everybody from making the same mistakes she did to make their lifes easier (in the case of her cousin) but little can be done when a certain someone walks back into her life after breaking her heart years ago. Just read and see what happens between these two people! Also, your heart cries out to her when she makes the BIGGEST mistake in her life!

Yes I'm trying to remain vague in my book descriptions... but I can't tell you the whole story can I?


Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Apothecary's Daughter: by Julie Klassen

So, I've been a bookworm lately.. guilty as charged. Anyway, another "insppirational"  book for you to think about reading.

Simply written, and flowy story line. Keeps you in suspense until the end. Does she mary the friend of her life or the dashing new guy she just met in London? And does her father ever get well? Does she find the woman that left her and her father? Or does she get smaked in the face by a family she never knew she had?

Can't say much otherwise I'll spoil the book! Read it and you'll find all the answers to those questions.... and more!


Neville Museum : Green Bay

During our "winter break" Dad decided he wanted to do something as a family.... So at first we decided the Milwaukee Museum! (a great place to go and see history unfold and spend time with family!) Well, that didn't happen (as you can tell so obviously by the title :) because the weather was bad. So we all decided, next best thing was the museum in Green Bay. Well, We had to stop somewhere first for some parts for dad's ANCIENT snowmobile. But they didn't have it... thank goodness... otherwise we would have been there allllll ddaaaayyyy!!! Haha! Anyway, after that we headed to the museum, I was told to take the flash off of my camera, so I did that and here are some pictures:

*Please Note: The author is NO photographer... and her digital camera is weird sometimes, especially when there is no flash, the blur in some of the pictures is because of BAD LIGHTING.... not her hands shaking. and also this happened awhile ago haha!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angelina Michelle

My aunt  Esther just had her baby today: Angelina Michelle Whatley. Born at 1:44 Pm after 7 1/2 hours of labour. She is 6 pounds and 12 oz, 20 inches long. and whitout further ado: here's the little cutie!

Kathleen and I's first girl cousin: Little Angelina!

Angelina and Mommy!

Big brother: Joseph and Angelina

Angelina and I

Angelina and auntie "Creena" haha!

Kathleen and Angelina
Isn't she an adorable little girl??? It just runs in the family ;) haha!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Centurion's Wife: by Janette Oke and Davis Bunn

Honestly: this is the BEST book by Janette Oke that I've read so far!!! It's quite inspiring how it tells about the Judean culture and how they did things in the Bible days. Here's what it's about:

Leah, a servant in her uncle's house (Pontius Pilate, yes, that guy who washed his hands of Jesus' life) is forced by her mistress to investigate the death of Jesus, by interacting with the Disciples and the people who hang around them, while they are in Jerusalem. Well, thing is, so is the guy she's gonna be forced to marry, the handsome Centurion. That was a part of what he had to get done in order to become betrothed to Leah. A few threats to some of the favorite characters you meet, and a couple action moments, and sweet one's: it ends. On a particularly sweet note too!

If you read it let me know what you think!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

EMERGENCY: HeLp!!!!!!!

Ok: so I've got some of the sewing done... now, I need everyone's help to help me chose something... I've already sewn all the "4 1/2 inch" strips to the sqaures...

Now I'm going to be sewing the "6 1/2 inch" strips to the "flags" as I call them. I don't know what variation to do... should I alternate every so often, or should I not put the same patterns together?? You'll see what I mean here:

Variation A

Variation B

Variation C
Please tell me which one you like better?? Thanks Everyone!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hope Chest Happenings: Queen-Sized Quilt

I started working on this quilt at the end of last year... and I just wanted to show you all how I'm doing on it....

So far I've mainly got the cutting done, which by the way is vverrrryy tedious, and I've cut out my.... wait! I'm getting ahead of myself! I haven't even showed you what it's supposed to look like, here you go:

So that's what the quilt is going to look like.. except for color differences. 

Then I had to cut out all my colored fat quarters:
So there's all my quarters... and My brown strips, Just to show you all the colors and everything... I then had to cut sqares out with these handy dandy little things:

This was my work space: and yes I realize it's messy!
This was after I cleaned it up some... and you can kinda see the sqare planned out..n Thanks to my good Friend Anna P. I was able to get into the sewing part (Thanks again Anna!! It was alot of fun!!)

Then I started sewing at my nice little sewing machine :) and had to change my bobbin..
This would be the litlle iron that I use to iron the seams toward the darker fabric... I have burnt myself on this iron exatly three times at last count... (I'll keep you all updated on that)

Me sewing the squares and strips together... I mormally use both hands... but I had to take a picture with one... and I stopped my sewing machine anyway ^_^
I Just sewwed alot of them together and didn't bother cutting the threads for awhile.. this was the result
(HI MOM!) haha!
Me, cutting the threads... (again I cut with both hands, I just stopped to take a pic :)

My "frenemy" Because it helps me with my quilt, but yet it burnt me.
Again the "I use two hands thing" but "I had to take a picture"
More "flags" attached by threads (I only call them flags because to me they look like flags... I don't know about you all though..)
Some colored squares and brown 4 1/2 inch strips sewn together... What do you think?
My sewing machine and what's left to sew :)
Flags sewn together... and I'm going to cut the threads
Threads cut, and They're seperated by "Big polka dots" and "little polka dots"
No clue what this is... oh wait! It's the "little polka dots"
My scraps :)
What I'm going to have to do with the left overs from cutting those squares is cut the remaining fabric into long little strips... again :P

Anyway... that's what I've got done so far on my quilt :) I'll keep every one updated, and Let me know what you think, and if you spy any spelling mistakes please let me know? I'd like to fix them :)