Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Angelina: An Update

Last week sometime when little Angelina went to the Doctor for an "after Birth" check up the doctor found some dimples on her lower back to the left of her spine, almost right above her tail bone. Well, Doctor, fearing the worst told My aunt to take her to a specialist in Green Bay. He feared she might've had Spina Ambifida (I think I spelled that right??)

So we went, first, to the wrong Bay Care Clinic. Then they sent us to the right one, and it was AAlllllllll the waaaaay on the ooootherside of G.B. So we got there late, and found out we could've stayed at the other one and got Angelina treated there! UGH!!!

She got checked out and I'm glad to say: She is perfectly ok. Nothing wrong. Healty.

After our whole family and then some freaking out, she was ok. Mom and I were excited! So we went to lunch and I fed her while trying to eat with my left hand.... She must've been thoroughly annoyed, because I write with my right hand. So it was difficult :) either way she got what she wanted. She's healthy and loved by many.

P.S. I will add a picture later... my computer is too slow today :P


  1. Thats good. That would be so scary. :)

  2. Wow, how frightning~ I am so glad that everything is ok.

  3. :D) I'm glad she's okay! That would be rather scary!!

    I usually don't do this, but since you're one of my BESTES friendies (: I do hereby ask you to check out my writing thingy - I'd be honored if thou wouldst grace my blog with your story. (But if not, please don't think you HAVE too.)

  4. COOL blog changes - I should say, PRETTY blog changes! I shall be adding thy button to my blog.. :)

  5. Anna- what writing thingy?? haha!