Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"blah blah mummble blah"... "and How do you feel about that?"

So. I haven't posted in awhile and just thought I'd ask a few questions and see how everyone feels about certain sitations and how they would react. You don't have to answer all of them, just whatever you feel like. Here it goes:

1) What type of toothpaste do you use?

2) Do you have a favorite color, if so what is it?

3) You have a choice to take ONE book to a desert island. That is your ONLY form of entertainment. What book would you bring?

4) What would you do if someone were gossiping about you? How would you put a stop to it?

5) How would you react if one of your siblings just walked in the door and all of a sudden said "Today I learned in Social studies about how the civil war started... by the way, you look pretty."

Would love to hear your answers on these! ^_^


  1. Lovely header. :)

    What kind of toothpaste? It's called Colgate and it is probably the worst thing you can taste. In a lifetime.

    Color? It varies from time to time. :)

    The one book I would take as a source of etertainment would be Grimm's Fairy Tales. Yup.

    I think people gossip about me anyways (such I strange creature, that I am ;), and I don't really care what they think (it's probably true though. :)

    I would probably end the last question with a, "ummm..." or "and your point is?" - - very interesting combo though. :)

  2. : ) A most interesting post, dearie!

    Toothpaste: I think we have colgate right now. *blech*

    Color: GREEN!

    Book: No idea. I like a lot of books.

    I don't think you really could stop gossiping...

    5)I would most likely laugh...

  3. I might as well answer now too:
    1 crest
    2 PURPLE ^_^
    3 The Bible or Jane Eyre It's a toss-up.. most likely the bible though...
    4 Talk to them
    5 (this actually happened) I'd stare at them like: what in the world did you eat for breakfast? :)