Friday, October 12, 2012

Jason Has ARRIVED!!

I can hardly believe it, he's 2 months old already, and he's changed so much since he's been born. Here's how it happened: ( Viewer discretion is advised: I'm telling how it happened, as many gory details as possible while still preserving my modesty so read on if you like, there are a lot of details)

On Wednesday August 1st, I had a doctor's appointment at the Pregnancy Clinic, they were going to see how dilated I was and do the regular check-up. I weighed in at 180 lbs! and my blood pressure was normal. I then went into a little room to have Jason's heart beat checked, it was normal too, I was then told to take of my bottom half of clothing so the could check me and gave me a thin sheet to cover up with. Dr. Gordon came in. She was nice, asked me how I was doing, how I felt. Told her about my back pain and I was ready to get him out, I wanted to meet him so bad. she proceeded to check my cervix, and it hurts... really bad. Especially when your baby's head is so low they have to reach around him! The past two times I was checked, I was at 1, less than half way effaced. Dr. Gordon finished checking me and was proud to say I hit a 4! (Keep in mind we are trying to get to a 10) she asked If I wanted to have him tomorrow or Friday, or let it go naturally, I thought about it... I wanted my husband to be with me every step of the way, he could easily get Fri off so I told her Friday. She asked if I was getting an epidural, I obviously said YES! She scheduled the induction and epidural and said she'd see me Friday. Called Joel from in the room and asked him how would he like to have Jason on Friday? Joel was excited! In shock, but excited.

Fast forward here to Friday at 5am... walk into Labor and Delivery ward, the hook me up to an IV give me some Potosin (sp? the stuff that starts contractions) an they put a monitor belt on me... and I was already having contractions... the stuff hadn't even started working yet... then the epidural lady came in, game me a little sting in the back to numb the area then stuck the wire up my back... I couldn't feel a thing... pretty soon I couldn't feel from my hips down... All went well for awhile, couldn't feel any of the contractions that were showing up on the monitor... Then all of a sudden they came on stronger, and they gave me a bit more pain meds... They were regularly checking my cervix... and at about 10:30 am I was at a 10... Jason was almost here... All of a sudden a whole bunch of fears flooded my mind: What if I was grossed out by the blood? What if when they took him away to clean him up and I couldn't remember what he looked like? it sounds silly I know, but they were very real at the time...

I put them from my mind and pushed... for 14 minutes... at 10:44 am Jason was on my belly instead of in it... and he was beautiful... the blood didn't matter and I could never forget that face:
About 3-4 hours labor and 14 minutes pushing and here was an adorable baby, that looked exactly like my husband's side of the family.
Here's more pictures:
Right after he was cleaned up

me and Jason moved out of the delivery room
Jason at home :)


  1. Congratulations! He is beautiful!

  2. *squeals* awwww,to cute,how exciting!!!! :) Congrats.

  3. awe!!! Cuteness ;) Congrats, thats so exciting!

  4. How did I miss the announcing post? :P Congratulations!