Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I was talking to my sister-in-law, Lizzy to see how she scrunches her hair and so I decided to try it for my self, so if you’re going to try it here’s what you’ll need: styling mousse, clips, wet/damp hair and time.

First your hair needs to be wet enough, but not too wet otherwise your hair won’t “set” right. And then you’re going to work the mousse through your hair, all the way through. Next you’re going to take a section of your hair (I did my hair in sections because my hair is so thin it will dry faster and also it’s easier for me), let the ends sit in your palm and and bring your hand up to your scalp, as you’re bringing it up keep your hair contained in the center of your palm. Kind of making a messy looking nest. Then once you bring is mess up to your scalp, clip it there with a clippie.

You do this to your whole head and walk around looking kind of goofy for a few hours… Like me:

pregnancy1 048

And as you can see: I used Herbal Essences mousse. Overall the effect on my hair was thus:

pregnancy1 052

We were having some meetings so I wanted to do this with my hair for that night…. if you wanted it for in the morning I believe if you bobby pinned the sections (so the bobby pins were flat against your head so as not to stab thyself) and then wrapped your head in a bandana to keep your hair contained, I think it could work. If you try it that way let me know how it turns out!

(sorry I couldn’t rotate the pictures)


  1. COOL. I might try that on Kara or Becca's hair...(Mine is kinda that way already but I'd still like to try it.)

  2. I've always wondered how people did that. :) I will add that to my ever growing list of "ways to "maybe" curl / wave thick, straight hair". Thanks for sharing!

  3. Neat!I love it!

    (your it!)