Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Hair, "Doings"

Apparently I've been doing something wrong with my hair  for a very long time... I've been doing some research, and you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday... I have :P I've slowly been changing that habit, but my hair is so short in the front from re growth (will all readers please note I DO NOT cut my hair. Ever. Not even a trim. Period.) as my haird had broken off from lack of taking vitamin's for a time, since i breastfeed, that resulted in a large output of nutrients with not enough intake, thus, my hair broke off... Any way to continue, all those short hairs stick straight up and I didn't want to use hair spray (drying alcohols) and water wouldn't keep those hairs down long... More research ensued. I found out there are non-alcohol hairsprays out there... I went to Walmart and grabbed the first one I saw: L'oreal's Alcohol Free Hairspray.

 I wanted to see how it did: ( based on a 1-5 scale 1 being bad) 5 for hold, I went to silver dollar city went on 6 roller coasters and 2 water rides, and my hairstyle stayed in ( a front side pouf and a back pouf [no teasing]) my hair fell later because of a bobby pin malfunction. I'd also give it a 5 for scent. It doesn't smell gross like some hairsprays, and to me this is important. It has a light sweet/floral scent, but it's not too heavy on either the sweet or floral. A 3 for cost: $5.97 for a bottle that size is not too bad but I think they could have come down a buck... or two. I really don't like that price. A 4.5 for the non-buildup feel in my hair when I wash it... It combs out fairly easy but leaves a greasy feel on second day hair, but that just may be me, because my hair has oily tendencies... for now, (as I said earlier I'm in the process  of re-training my hair)

Anyway, how was everyone's Memorial day weekend? I'm kind of disappointed how my city I live in doesn't do more, only one place I saw had a flag half mast. Every other place had sales, to commercialize. How sick can people get? Commercializing a holiday meant for remembering the soldiers who died for our freedom, that's sick and twisted to me.

I'll stop there because laundry has to be done by someone, and it won't do itself... I'll ask a question before I go though, what is your favorite household chore to do? Mine is vacuuming or washing floors.

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