Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Confidence, Is a Woman's Necessity

This post may or may not be for you, if you don't agree with something, please let me know what you think:

"I'm SOOO fat, I need to lose weight/stop eating!" or "I'm so ugly/pale, I need tanning lotion/bronzer to look pretty" This is the constant phrase I hear from a couple of my sister-in-laws. Every single time I hear it, I really want to set them down on a hard chair and give them a lecture on how that will not work! Especially since they are as skinny as their bone structure will allow and as dark as their pale skin will allow them to go.

Doing these things, or other things will not change your view about yourself. Confidence. That is what you need. Confidence in the fact that God made you the way you are. Confidence in your own looks, because your parents/husband or whoever loves you, loves you just the way you are. If not, there's something wrong with them, if they don't love you the way you are.

You need to have confidence. If you don't you'll never be happy, with yourself with all that junk on your body, reality check, that stuff makes your skin splotchy afterwards. Starving yourself?  Your body cells hold onto more fat when you starve yourself, because they don't know when their next nourishment is coming from. So doing those things don't help. Dressing "sexy" to make yourself "feel good"? You may have just caused some poor man to lust after you, that means he's committed adultery, and his Soul is now in deep trouble....

Just dress for your body shape, not the body you want. When I was pregnant, then nursing a baby, I had to adjust some of my outfits (aka throw 'em out) because they didn't fit right, or they, um, didn't look right... Need help? Look on the internet, or better yet, ask your mother/sister/friend how they think something would look on you....

No matter what you do to yourself on the outside doesn't help what's on the inside. Pray for acceptance of your own appearance. Eat right, drink ice water (your body has to work harder to warm it up, then digest it), Exfoliate your skin ( i know how good it makes me feel, it'll probably help you too!) It's not too hard to love your body the way it is, it just takes a brain adjustment. pray for help to accept yourself the way you are.

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  1. Love this post, Virginia! Thanks for writing about this - it's a huge issue for most girls.