Sunday, January 30, 2011

Neville Museum : Green Bay

During our "winter break" Dad decided he wanted to do something as a family.... So at first we decided the Milwaukee Museum! (a great place to go and see history unfold and spend time with family!) Well, that didn't happen (as you can tell so obviously by the title :) because the weather was bad. So we all decided, next best thing was the museum in Green Bay. Well, We had to stop somewhere first for some parts for dad's ANCIENT snowmobile. But they didn't have it... thank goodness... otherwise we would have been there allllll ddaaaayyyy!!! Haha! Anyway, after that we headed to the museum, I was told to take the flash off of my camera, so I did that and here are some pictures:

*Please Note: The author is NO photographer... and her digital camera is weird sometimes, especially when there is no flash, the blur in some of the pictures is because of BAD LIGHTING.... not her hands shaking. and also this happened awhile ago haha!


  1. I love the Neville Public Museum! It's such a cute place!

  2. :P Looks like it was a lot of fun going to the Museum!

    Nice seein' you today!! Tell Kathleen "hi" for me!