Monday, January 31, 2011

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart

Ok, if anyone gets sick of the book things, just let me know! I'm just trying to bring to light some book that don't get alot of light! Haha! Anyway: Homespun Bride.

A really sweet story, it has all of the essentials for a good book, in my opinion. It has love, drama, God, and a sense of adventure... It does have a little heartbreak, but that's life, and this book sticks pretty close to the "this-is-how-life-is-so-just-deal-with-it-and-keep-reading-it-might-get-better" kind of book.

Noelle is a blind woman, who has suffered heartbreak more than once in her life. And she's determined to make sure she protects everybody from making the same mistakes she did to make their lifes easier (in the case of her cousin) but little can be done when a certain someone walks back into her life after breaking her heart years ago. Just read and see what happens between these two people! Also, your heart cries out to her when she makes the BIGGEST mistake in her life!

Yes I'm trying to remain vague in my book descriptions... but I can't tell you the whole story can I?


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