Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maybe it’s just me….

I don’t know how other pregnant women feel during the various stages of their pregnancy, but even though I can’t see my toes, and I’m “losing my girlish figure” (sorry that makes me laugh inside myself) I don’t care about those things, all I can think about is the little miracle growing inside of me.

A true testament to Joel and I’s love: a baby, that was conceived soon after our marriage…. Unplanned, but loved. Now, since I’ve seen our baby on ultrasound, and we’ve both felt baby kick (myself, periodically during the day, Joel,only once so far) this baby seems more and more real to us… Not that the baby wasn’t real before, it’s just baby now seems to actually become a little lovely person!

Feeling baby kick that first time, was, in short, surprising! Then I felt a whole big wave of love for our little one!! Same with “seeing” baby for the first time on the ultrasound!

As you can see, the minor discomforts, and the weight gain really don’t matter to me at all, because it’s all for a little, wonderful baby I’m bringing into this depressing world.

Anyway, I had to get all these thoughts off of my chest before I could possibly work on any more school work! Ta ta for now dear readers: I have school work to finish!

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  1. That's so sweet! Can't wait to meet Baby Jason!