Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 days

OK, What should I talk about today.... How about the sand ceremony? If there's any complaints against it, well, on "9 days" post there will be flowers. So, here I go.

Joel and I decided we wanted to do some sort of unity ceremony, we didn't like the candle ceremony because, well, I'm scared that my veil, or worse, my hair will catch on fire (this was before I decided I was wearing my hair up) So I did a little research and came up with this:

I don't know if this picture is to small or not, but anyway,, most of the pictures on Bing were sand ceremonies. I brought this to Joel, and we talked about it and decided this was the one for us. Well, I didn't want to buy any of the expensive kits in the stores. So a couple weeks ago I convinced my darling mother to take me to an antique shop.

I found this bottle:

I washed and dried it, and since the opening was so small, I had to either but a funnel and two bottles..... Or buy to Vinegar/oil bottles.

Me and my wonderful mother again went somewhere: Appleton (!!) and we went to T.J. Maxx and found exactly what we were looking for!

Two Beautiful bottles that compliment the center piece. One of the side bottles will be filled with brown sand, the other with purple, which was bought at Hobby Lobby.

All in all here was how much this ceremony costs:
Centerpiece bottle: $6.00
Oil bottles: $4.00 apiece
Sand: $2.99 apiece

Compared to a $29.99 sand ceremony set from Hobby Lobby. (I would have had to buy the sand separately)

So there you have it! A Unity Sand Ceremony, that you can save a few dollars on :)