Monday, October 10, 2011

5 days....

Joel and I had to go and get some sort of license saying we could marry... or something like that... I don't really understand it all :P Let m.e tell you: I don't like going to the courthouse. At all. Period.

Anyway, Joel just told me that he still wants to spend every moment with me because he feels like he's going to be leaving without me... like he's up here for a visit... and I, actually, feel kinda the same way haha!! We're so used to him having to leave that it's hard to believe that we're actually getting married.

That's all I really have to say.... Anything everyone wants to know about??? Please let me know im my comments!!


  1. Hello, dearie! Aren't you just SOOO exciting! The BIG day is just five days away!!!! Congrats. to you and Joel!

  2. :) could post about the girl's flowers (yours, etc.) if you wanted...or the cake (?). It all sounds exciting to me. :D

  3. :) *smile* Thats all I can say :)