Friday, October 7, 2011

8 days!!!!

OH MY WORD!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!!... I apologize for that very necessary outburst. Any way... Toay I put the necessities in two rubermade containers, to take to the wedding... The guest book, card box, ring pillow etc. Also something to note: I finished the corsages too!! I never want to wrok with flowers ever again!... at least not for awhile.. haha!

Random thought: When I move to the house Joel and I will have in Arkansas I'm not allowed to have a pet... unless it's a fish. So: I want a fish... any suggestions as to the best fish?? haha! I really want a pet... so a fish it must be. I think I would like one fo these:



  1. lol,if I was getting married I would have a whole post on that 'necessary' outburst..... =)

  2. I didn't want to bore everybody so early!! haha!!


    I'm saving that for the post "1 Day")