Saturday, October 8, 2011

Down to One week People!!!

Wow..... 7 days, at this time next week I'll be married to the best man on Earth!! In the Universe, even!!!!! Anyway.

Music. I wanted to create a unique mixture of music... That's one thing people tend not to notice, at least I never did haha! And I want people to walk away from the wedding and remember at least something about the music. To give everyone  a taste of what will be playing the bridal party will be walking up the aisle to this. Obviously I'll walk up to the bridal march, and the recessional... I don't know what that will be yet. Joel and I have an idea.. but it's just that: an idea... we'll see if it happens :)

That's about it for today.... I'm exhausted from cleaning all day ( because future in-laws will be coming in the next week) And my handsome man will be coming up tomorrow!!

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